The “Queens Of Drama” Create A New Drama

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The daytime soap opera has been struggling in recent years as network TV executives have replaced many dramas with game shows and programs in the reality genre. Into the breach have stepped a number of the best known actresses in the history of daytime TV drama who are looking to create a new show for their legion of fans. The all female cast of the scripted reality show “Queens Of Drama” have joined together in a bid to create a pilot for a new drama that will eventually be picked up and broadcast by a major TV network.

The names of the all female cast of “Queens Of Drama” will be well known to those who have been fans of the soap opera genre in recent years, but the cast also features some names that have become iconic in U.S. television. Crystal Hunt is one of those who is playing an important role in the show, which sees the former star of “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live” bring aspects of her famous soap opera characters to the screen in this reality show. The show sees Hunt bring aspects of Lizzie Spaulding the iconic Stacy Morasco to the show as she looks to lead the newly formed production company to success.

Crystal Hunt is used to finding success in her career no matter what she turns her hand to, including many different TV and movie roles over the course of her career; in recent times Crystal Hunt has been seen in a number of movies, including the box office success “Magic Mike: XXL”. Alongside her career as an actress Crystal Hunt has also set out on a major business career that includes establishing a successful pet boutique in her native Florida. The business skills of Crystal Hunt have been seen in the “Queens Of Drama” show that has allowed the world to see every aspect of her many acting and commercial skills.

The “Queens Of Drama” have been a major source of enjoyment for the dedicated fans of the soap opera genre who have enjoyed seeing their favorite stars back on the small screen. The skills of the all female cast are found in different areas of the production company they have formed, including the leadership of former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills. Over the course of the show a number of iconic stars from modern and canceled shows, including the legendary stars of “Dynasty” and “The Bold And The Beautiful”.  There’s a ton of cool info about the stars too, like Crystal Hunt’s YouTube acting reels.



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