The New Investment of George Soros

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One of the most influential philanthropists and outspoken professionals about politics is George Soros. This billionaire is not only an expert in economics, but also uses his expertise in business speculation. In recent news, this billionaire dialed back a number of US stock investments. In total, Mr. Soros dialed back investments by a third and is currently making a change by betting against equity and betting for gold. The reason for this risky investment is that George Soros wants to rely for on the money supply. His concern in investment is merely due to the fact that the US’ competitors, China,have recently doubled their money supply. As the Chinese are the biggest importers of Gold as well as the biggest exporters of Gold, Mr. Soros wants to make a profit by paying attention to facts.

George Soros’ acquirement of the largest gold mine at a purchase of $264 million has turned many heads. From this purchase on, the price of this precious metal is up by 20 percent. Though it is not clear if Mr. Soros is betting on the decline of the US stock market, he has made it clear that from his speculations, he will profit by a large margin. Though Mr. George Soros has bet against a decline in the US stock market, it is not clear as to his prediction of the magnitude.

This new large purchase has stemmed from an event that occurred earlier this year when he stated his concerns of the global financial market. Mr. Soros states that the patterns in China seem to be very similar to the patterns that led up to the 2008 crash. Mr. George Soros continues on by stating that the crash in China is now unavoidable and the only thing one can do is invest in the right place. Mr. Soros states that he is simply moving his cash into a safer position in order to ensure of a profit and to avoid the inevitable doom of the stock market in China crashing. As a result, other billionaires and investors are now following his path by investing in gold.

In the business world, Mr. Soros is considered to be the jack of all trades. His big investments and his constant speculation of the economy has made this individual a leader of the investment community. Where Mr. Soros invests, hundreds tend to follow his trends. In addition to being a solid investor, George Soros is a philanthropist who gives constant endowments to organizations that improve the world. One particular interest that Mr. Soros has is in education reform. As a highly educated individual, Mr. Soros knows how important an education is in order to build the human capital of any society. 



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