Homeless Animals To Benefit From Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe Campaign

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Ross Abelow, a New York City attorney recently announced the start of a GoFundMe campaign. The promotion will assist animal shelters in New York City to offer homeless animals support. It was launched on January 13 with the aim of giving $5000 to help shelters within the city. The record temperatures that have been the norm during winter put the homeless animals at risk due to cold weather.

The purpose of the initiative started by Ross Abelow is to provide money to the shelters. Funds raised will enable them to pay for vaccines, medical care, food, and blankets for the increasing number of poor animals. Lack of funds and space has been a major constraint to many of the shelters. They have been unable to add their numbers. Therefore, the funds raised will go a long way in relieving the suffering of the distressed animals.

Attorney Abelow chose to lead the campaign to raise funds for the animal shelters in New York City as one way of his participation with the community. He is a partner in Abelow & Cassandro LLP. Attorney Abelow specializes in entertainment law, commercial litigation, and family law. He also writes for legal blogs as well as his personal blog. Additionally, Attorney Abelow is active on social media on sites like Facebook.

Animal lovers can assist with the significant and rising need during the winter spell. Many vulnerable animals are left out in the harsh cold weather because of lack of space and financial resources. For this reason, Attorney Abelow has created a campaign to help keep the animals in the shelters and avert animal deaths. The money raised from the initiative will go to shelters in need of operating resources. The funds will facilitate them to offer services as well as space for animals that are left out on their own to dangers like cold, sickness, and hunger.

About Ross Abelow
Ross Abelow is a renowned Lawyer in New York City. He focuses on matrimonial, family, commercial, and litigation law. Attorney Abelow is a New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law graduate. He is certified to practice law. Attorney Abelow has been licensed to practice for more than 20 years in the state of New York. Many years of his legal profession has been spent on helping entertainers that reside in New York City. He has also completed divorce process for couples separating. Attorney Abelow helps clients get the legal assistance they require.

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