FreedomPop Offers Affordable Global Hotspot

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FreedomPop has combined cellular networks from across the world into one seamless global hotspot to offer international data, talk and WiFi in an affordable plan that rivals the offerings of big name mobile service providers. With a launch plan price of $49.99 and an additional ten dollars for a global SIM card, users will be free to connect in twenty-five countries such as the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and even the Czech Republic. Plans are in place to increase the number of supported countries to forty by the end of the year, including Asia and Latin America. The new plan also starts with 200MB of free data, with additional 500MB increases priced at ten dollars. With so many countries being supported on the new network, cell users will not incur the excessive roaming fees that normally apply when they are outside of the network’s range.

FreedomPop has been quite successful in raising funds to support its continued growth. Six months ago they garnered $30 million in financing along with a recent $50 million in cash putting the company in a position to become one of the top ten global service providers. The cash infusion will also be used to support the new global network launch, according to COO and Co-Founder, Steven Sesar. The Los Angeles based company provides it’s data, talk and text plans across Sprint and Clearwire networks. FreedomPop also sells and supports Sprint compatible iPhones and offers 3G and 4G service. Its new global plan will be available in any of the supported countries and can be used with any smartphone or connected device. As new countries are added to the data plan, FreedomPop will remotely update the SIM for its users.



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